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Common Medical Tests for Immigration


The process of immigrating is long, laborious, and extensive. There are visa requirements, background checks, skills and educations foundation, financial ability, and Immigration Physicals. All of these ensure that you are an abled individual ready to contribute to the country’s economy.

Regarding Immigration Physical examinations, each country has different requirements and specifications, even here in our dear US of A. But there are physical examinations that cross across countries. The usual medical tests include the health of our eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Blood testing is also involved in determining cholesterol levels and glucose levels. Sometimes, it also determines if there’s a chance for any prescribed Addiction Medicine in Georgia. Another test included is for your lung health. It is to check for any signs of contagious diseases. And, of course, urine and stool.

We at Nations Medical Clinic are your Internal Medicine partner for your immigration dreams. We may not help you with all immigration requirements you need to move to your dream country, but we can certainly help you with your medicals. How do we do it? By giving you a smooth experience with excellent customer service. We will guide you from the moment you step foot in our clinic until you receive your results and have them interpreted.

Get your Medical Care in Duluth, Georgia, in our clinic today!

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