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Comprehensive Health Services for Your Company

Comprehensive Health Services for Your Company

If you are the owner of a Georgia-based company, there are many benefits to giving your management and staff access to company-sponsored medical care in Duluth, Georgia. A healthy workforce equates to a happy workforce — especially when the burden of healthcare expenses is reduced from their monthly and yearly expenses.

At Nations Medical Clinic, we have the internal medicine experts and expertise to provide essential services, including health physical examinations, immunization services, and laboratory services. We can give your employees annual physical examinations to ensure they can perform their jobs optimally. The exams will also enable us to detect diseases early, so we can treat these early and at a lower cost.

Other services we provide include loss management programs for employees who work in a job where physical fitness is important. We also offer programs to help employees end their addictions to alcohol, drugs, and smoking. For persons with more severe cases, we can provide medication as we are a licensed provider of addiction medicine in Georgia.

For companies who are bringing employees in from other countries, we can provide immigration physicals. We can give travel medicine services to employees who are frequently traveling for work. Employees who drive commercial vehicles can also get their DOT physical examination from us.

We can provide a comprehensive array of medical services for your company. Call us at 678-242-8035, so we can discuss how we can best serve your needs.

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