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Disease Prevention Practices to Develop


Prevention is better than cure. Disease prevention is a proactive approach to maintaining health and well-being by reducing the risk of the development of chronic conditions, infections, and various illnesses. We provide comprehensive care in Georgia, and here are some disease prevention practices we should all try to develop and implement into our daily lives:

  • Keep Your Vaccines Updated

    Vaccines and immunizations are the best defense against infectious diseases. Staying updated with the developments and advances in vaccine and immunization technology helps protect you against more and more health conditions. Some vaccines also have a life cycle within the body; for example, experts recommend that you get a tetanus shot every ten years. 

  • Get Regular Health Screenings

    Regular health screenings encourage the early detection of health issues before they develop into full-blown medical conditions. Yearly physicals and medical examinations help you track levels in your body, like cholesterol, blood sugar, hormonal changes, and more, to reduce the risk of conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, cancers, heart disease, and more. 

  • Get Enough Sleep Every Night

    Lack of sleep has many negative consequences on the body. It can weaken the immune system by increasing the risk of stress, high blood pressure, and hormonal imbalances. Sleeping issues are often a consequence of poor lifestyle habits, bad sleeping environments, and mental health issues. Learn more about good health practices and the benefits of sleep through our telehealth in Duluth, Georgia.

These practices can help you maintain good health and reduce the risk of medical conditions. We can accommodate any of your clinical needs with our healthcare services. For more information, feel free to call Nations Medical Clinic at 678-242-8035. Services you could expect from us include physicals, immunizations, consultations, and occupational health psychology.


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