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Factors Affecting the Success of Addiction Recovery


Addiction is a complex disease connected with substance and drug abuse. Addiction is a formidable illness that extends its effects from the physical and mental health of a person up to their social connections, opportunities, and life dynamics. Thankfully, addiction centers are available everywhere, and it can be in the form of comprehensive care in Georgia

However, addiction recovery is not always a straight road. Recovering addicts can face obstacles that may hinder their chances of recovery. As a provider of occupational health psychology, we have encountered different factors observed in recovering individuals that affect the success of their recovery. 

  • Lack of motivation

    The lack of motivation can cover many aspects. It could mean a lack of willingness to change or recover, adhere to treatments, learn relapse prevention skills, and participate in recovery programs. Neglecting medical care and all other forms of prevention can increase the chances of addiction relapse. 

  • Environment and lifestyle

    Environment and lifestyle can contribute to addiction relapse. The community, lifestyle choices, economic status, and employment can drive recovering addicts to experience relapses. Changing the environment and lifestyle choices is a good start. 

  • Lack of support system

    The lack of a support system accompanied by negative peers can contribute to relapse and affect success. Recovering individuals can gain motivation to seek help from telehealth in Duluth, Georgia when their loved ones support their journey to recovery. 

Addiction recovery and relapse prevention are possible under the right conditions. Having the right professionals can aid in a successful recovery. Contact Nations Medical Clinic for your health and recovery needs, including internal medicine services


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