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Annual Physical Exams: What to Expect


If you’re taking some addiction medicine in Georgia or other prescriptions as prescribed by your regular doctor, before your next refill, you’ll need to undergo a physical exam. Your routine physical exam may be different from another person. With physical exams, there’s no one size fits. While some doctors argue that annual physical exams tend to lead to unnecessary tests, some would disagree and say that it helps to be careful. If you’re second-guessing about getting an annual physical exam, here are some things you should expect:

  • Doctors Ask for Your History
    Your family’s medical history is essential for your doctor to gauge your overall health. Genetics plays a vital role in other diseases you may likely develop.
  • They Check Your Appearance
    Sometimes, the signs may be hiding in plain sight. Usually, concerns regarding internal medicine often require testing. However, other symptoms, such as inflammation or scars, can be visible.
  • Your Vital Signs Will be Checked
    For every one of your health physical examinations, your doctor examines your vital signs. Your blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, and respiration rate will all be assessed.
  • Your Doctor Will Request for Necessary Tests
    Some tests that your doctor will ask from a laboratory services provider are complete blood counts, chemistry panels, and a urinalysis test.

Remember that the main objective of a physical exam is prevention. It helps to catch diseases early for easy treatment. Although you have this annual exam to check your health, it’s still important to do your part in taking care of your body. If you need medical care in Duluth, Georgia, contact us at Nations Medical Clinic.

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