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Choosing the Best Place to Go: ER, Urgent, or Clinic?


Most people do not know what to do next when something medical happens. Call 911, go to the emergency room or urgent care, or maybe it can wait till the next day? Check out this article to know where to go in an emergency.

  • When to Go to the Emergency Room
    Usually, severe internal medicine concerns such as choking, chest pain, difficulty breathing, or choking are the common causes of going to the ER. Severe cases are those when you experience a sudden onset of symptoms, severe trauma, an illness affecting the entire body, or when you feel something is not working right with your body.
  • When to Visit Your Primary Care Physician
    Visiting your primary care physician does not apply only when you are sick. You can go to your direct primary care physician whenever you have some health questions or concerns. In this case, you might feel a little sick or uncomfortable, but nothing serious, unlike when emergency room trips are necessary.
  • When to Visit Urgent Care
    Urgent care visits must be made when you’re sick or injured, but it’s not life-threatening or when you can’t see your doctor for a long time. For instance, if you’re taking your addiction medicine in Georgia and you run out but your doctor is far away, the best place to go is urgent care.

When deciding where to go, assess yourself properly so you can go to the right place. It is necessary, so you do not contribute to the overcrowding of emergency departments or urgent care. If you’re looking for excellent medical Care in Duluth, Georgia, contact us at Nations Medical Clinic now.

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